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The Way It All Began

The Geraldine Vintage Car & Machinery Club started in 1967. Later, Jack Morrison of Geraldine brought the 'Sherratts Coal & timber yard' at 178 Talbot Street and built the building that we now know as the 'Morrison building'.


Mr Morrison and some of the club members then stored their vechiles in the building and they enjoyed having club days.​

On New years eve 1970, most of the cars were in the New Years Eve parade through the main streets of Geraldine, upon been returned one of the cars  still had its battery connected (magneto battery) this then caused a terrible fire that destroyed most of Jack Morrisons car collection. Only three vehicles that were in the fire, are still on display in the museum today.

The next day some local men came and offered to "help clean up", Jack Morrison was a tad dismayed at the situation and abruptly replied "take the lot!"

Gifting the land and buildings to the Geraldine Vintage Car & Machinery Club.

The building was then rebuilt in 1976, officially reopening in 1979, aptly named the "Morrison building".

From this date, the Museum opened on weekends to the public, eventually adding more buildings and opening more days until the Museum has become the one we know now.

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