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Something For Everyone

At the Geraldine Vintage Car & Machinery Museum there is more than the names suggests...our collection extends into Vintage Chainsaws, pumps, stationary engines and much much more...


Vintage Machinery

An extensive range of Vintage Ploughs, Chainsaws, Pumps and much more. Come see the ‘The 1913 Blackstone’ which was restored by the museum’s volunteers in 2022. It’s an 11 hp horizontal stationary engine powered by Kerosine or Diesel. A phenomenal piece of machinery that never fails to inspire when the wheels are turning. 



If you are a fan of Tractors and are curious to see the changes in design and machinery over the decades, we have an impressive collection of over 100 Vintage Tractors from 1912 onwards! Manufacturer’s such as Mills & Saunderson, Case, John Deere, Fordson, Allis Chalmers, Hart Parr, McCormick Deering, MAN, LANZ, Nuffield & many, many more…

Classic Cars

We have a great display of iconic classic cars. In stunning colours and looking as new as the day they arrived. Famous names such as Jaguars, Holden Monaro, Armstrong Siddley, Van-der-plas, RBM Riley & Falcons to name a few… Our collection will feel like an exciting drive down memory lane. 

Self Propelled Road Grader

Featuring a wide-up 'McCormick 1020 international' tractor engine and an interesting collection of steering wheels, a real showpiece.

Featuring a wind-up "McCormick 1020 International" tractor engine. the front wheels were removed and the grader attached by the 'Boothmac' engineers of Christchurch, NZ, in approximately 1935.

The graders first mission was at Oxford in North Canterbury. In the late 1960's the Grader was purchased by 'Mesopotamia Station' in Mid Canterbury to maintain their own farm farms.

then towards the end of teh 1980's, the grader ended up in Horata, about an hour or so out of Geraldine, to be restored by a gentleman that then left the country deserting the Grader in his fathers paddock to deal with the elements.

In 2008, the Grader was donated to the GVCMM.

In February of 2022 GVCMC member Johnny Gould then dedicated his work day at the Museum to storing this machine having "high hopes of getting it up and running", of which he achieved mid 2023. The grader runs, but those steering wheels...



There is an excellent collection of Motorbikes on display including... 


The 'El-Sab', a 500cc Triumph powered Motocross bike built in 1965 by a very humble member of the Museum. One of New Zealand top Motocross bikes of its Era.​

This unique bike was hand built by GVCMC member Alastair Sabiston and his son Paul Sabiston. The joint build turned into a solo finish in 1965 when Paul shifted to Australia.

The name itself is a clever play on words...

In spanish, the meaning is 'the overseer, director or guide' but its really derived from Alastairs nickname of 'Al Sab' with added Spanish Flair.

Alastair is a very humble gentleman for such a prominent man in his field saying that he has built "a few bikes" and that the idea was "to build the fastest bike!" Alastair also spoke of how he "loved the feeling of been on the track."

In the 1970s Alastair won races all over New Zealand and was on elf the top motocross riders in NZ, winning the 'NZ Motocross Championship'.

The 'El Sab' is on display at the Museum and is really something special!


Rangitira Ships Engine

Something Unique

This Maritime Monster has carted beer and explosives around the world as well as making an Hollywood appearance in the film 'The world's fastest Indian'!

Built as 1 of 8 in 1970 as the 'Bokul Ronne' at Ringkobing in Denmark, this ocean explorers first journeys were carting Heineken beer around Northern Europe.

The ship was then renamed the 'Jenka' of Czech origin meaning 'merciful' doing the perilous job of carrying explosives around the world.

The last 15 years of Rangatiras seaborne life, her engine was never cold as she ploughed through the tempestuous ocean between Timaru and the Chatham Islands.

This wave seeker completed this journey at least 900 times, the equivalent distance of 11 times around the world, before been moored for the last time in August 2015.

Since then, the Rangatiras Callesen, 14 tonne, 6 cylinder, 810 horsepower Engine has been on display at the Geraldine Vintage Car & Machinery Museum Thanks to Allen Averis.


Timarus First Electric Car

One of only 10 ever made! This rare and quirky looking little electric car is an utter gem! At one point called the ugliest car in the world, although we'd have to disagree, we think it's simply beautiful! Built by a local inventor Donald MacConachie in Timaru between 1966 - 1970 it is a prime example of New Zealand ingenuity!  

Mezzanine Floor

Up the stairs, beyond the tractors, is a collection of Historic Memorabilia.With an example of a 'General Store' from the Vintage Era on show.The collection takes up the entire top floor and is bound to have pieces of interest for any visitor to the museum.
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