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There is an excellent collection of Motorbikes on display including... 


The 'El-Sab', a 500cc Triumph powered Motocross bike built in 1965 by a very humble member of the Museum. One of New Zealand top Motocross bikes of its Era.​

This unique bike was hand built by GVCMC member Alastair Sabiston and his son Paul Sabiston. The joint build turned into a solo finish in 1965 when Paul shifted to Australia.

The name itself is a clever play on words...

In spanish, the meaning is 'the overseer, director or guide' but its really derived from Alastairs nickname of 'Al Sab' with added Spanish Flair.

Alastair is a very humble gentleman for such a prominent man in his field saying that he has built "a few bikes" and that the idea was "to build the fastest bike!" Alastair also spoke of how he "loved the feeling of been on the track."

In the 1970s Alastair won races all over New Zealand and was on elf the top motocross riders in NZ, winning the 'NZ Motocross Championship'.

The 'El Sab' is on display at the Museum and is really something special!

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