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Rangitira Ships Engine

Something Unique

This Maritime Monster has carted beer and explosives around the world as well as making an Hollywood appearance in the film 'The world's fastest Indian'!

Built as 1 of 8 in 1970 as the 'Bokul Ronne' at Ringkobing in Denmark, this ocean explorers first journeys were carting Heineken beer around Northern Europe.

The ship was then renamed the 'Jenka' of Czech origin meaning 'merciful' doing the perilous job of carrying explosives around the world.

The last 15 years of Rangatiras seaborne life, her engine was never cold as she ploughed through the tempestuous ocean between Timaru and the Chatham Islands.

This wave seeker completed this journey at least 900 times, the equivalent distance of 11 times around the world, before been moored for the last time in August 2015.

Since then, the Rangatiras Callesen, 14 tonne, 6 cylinder, 810 horsepower Engine has been on display at the Geraldine Vintage Car & Machinery Museum Thanks to Allen Averis.

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