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Self Propelled Road Grader

Featuring a wide-up 'McCormick 1020 international' tractor engine and an interesting collection of steering wheels, a real showpiece.

Featuring a wind-up "McCormick 1020 International" tractor engine. the front wheels were removed and the grader attached by the 'Boothmac' engineers of Christchurch, NZ, in approximately 1935.

The graders first mission was at Oxford in North Canterbury. In the late 1960's the Grader was purchased by 'Mesopotamia Station' in Mid Canterbury to maintain their own farm farms.

then towards the end of teh 1980's, the grader ended up in Horata, about an hour or so out of Geraldine, to be restored by a gentleman that then left the country deserting the Grader in his fathers paddock to deal with the elements.

In 2008, the Grader was donated to the GVCMM.

In February of 2022 GVCMC member Johnny Gould then dedicated his work day at the Museum to storing this machine having "high hopes of getting it up and running", of which he achieved mid 2023. The grader runs, but those steering wheels...

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