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We are committed to a sustainable future that improves the social and environmental well being of our community.

We are always forward thinking in environmental improvements that foster a sustainable future. 

We believe that that even a small step to a sustainable future is an important step.

At the Museum we use sensor lighting, saving power to minimise the environmental impact.

Three types of rubbish disposal for our visitors are available: Compost, recycling and 'dirty rubbish' (that is uncompostable or recyclable) these bins are labelled and easily accessible.

We promote a sense of community at our Museum, having our Club members, whom are often elder gentlemen, volunteering as our 'doormen' . This gives these lads a sense of community and also interaction with international visitors that they may not have otherwise, keeping them in touch with the world outside of our community.

Secondly, we offer free entry for children to the Museum, we believe that this fosters the longevity of Geraldines history by making it readily available to the next generations.

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